A recent research by MoneySupermarket has revealed that one in ten Brits (or 8%) with a partner have a secret credit card they conceal from them, and a further 11% of those with credit cards deliberately make sure their partner doesn’t see their credit card or bank statements.

When asked why people hide their credit card or statement, the top reason for being deceptive was because they feared their partner would be annoyed by the amount of money they spent (40%).

Reasons for a secret credit card

Other sneaky reasons for a secret credit card included 38% of people desiring to have their own purchasing freedom, 21% said it was because they wanted to make purchases their partner would not approve of, and 11% believed their other half wouldn’t approve of them having a credit card at all.

However, 29% of those with a secret credit card said they used the card to buy their partner presents without them knowing.

The survey also asked what people used their secret credit card for, indulgences for either their partner or themselves topped the reasons for concealed spending with over two fifths, (42%) saying they bought gifts for their partner, while 25% used it to buy expensive clothing or shoes and a further 23% had splashed out on a holiday.

Other private purchases included expensive nights out and jewellery (13% and 12%).

The research revealed that men were found to be almost three times as likely to use their hidden credit card on an expensive night out. A fifth (19%) would fund their festivities this way compared to only 7% of women.

Females topped their male counterparts when it came to putting expensive clothing or shoes on their concealed card or hiding their statements with 35% having done so.

Research was conducted by Opinium Research from 30th September to 3rd October 2011, across 2,020 online Interviews (UK Nat Rep). Of these, 1,273 were married or living with a partner.

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