One can call the Strangest Houses a man’s castle and hence he may do with it what he will. But some people turn their normal homes into the strangest of houses. These houses could not be further from a normal suburban house with a white picket fence. Out of their inspiration, the builders of these strange houses wanted to go above and beyond the normal qualities of a house. They have created some truly beautiful dwellings that double as works of art.

Below, we’ve gathered our list of 5 of the strangest houses around the world for you to enjoy looking at and imagine living in them. You never know, maybe looking at strangest houses is what you need to have an idea for what your next house should look like.

1- Strangest Houses: The Stone House, Portugal:

The Stone House, located in the mountains in the district of Fafe in northern Portugal, was built in 1973 by Vitor Roderigues as a retreat for his family. It was built using four giant boulders and is often compared to the Flintstone’s home from the cartoon. There is something utterly charming about this house.

strangest Houses - Portugal

Strangest Houses – Portugal’s Stone House

The house’s lopsidedness and the windows of different sizes give it a whimsical nature that makes it feel as if it just sprung from a fairy tale. The inside of the house is cozy with a fireplace and even has a swimming pool. The house proved to be such a popular destination that bullet-proof windows had to be installed to prevent vandalism.

2- The Nautilus House, Mexico:

The Nautilus House near Mexico City was built by the renowned architect Javier Senosiain for a family that was tired of living in a regular old home. This beautiful house won the World Architecture Festival award in 2008. The structure is earthquake-proof and maintenance-free.

Nautilus House

Mexico’s Nautilus House

There’s a nice story behind this Bio-Architecture icon. A small family from Mexico City got tired of living in a conventional home and so wanted to move to one so integrated to nature! By abandoning all straight lines and turning to nature for inspiration, the architect created an ethereal home that looks like it could be from an alien world. All the parts of the house are so different from a typical building. Inside the giant nautilus shell, the rooms flow freely into one another.

3- Container City, London, UK

Container City in London is not just one strange house, but a whole stack of them. The houses are built with a stack of brightly colored shipping containers. Not only does this form of architecture reuse shipping containers that would otherwise be thrown away, it provides durable low-cost housing to people in London. The modular nature of the homes allows them to be easily changed to suit the person’s needs.


Strangest Houses: Container City in London

According to Lamudi (an online real estate marketplace with operations in 28 countries), these low-cost buildings ensures an environment conscious approach project that received recognition from many famous Architects.

4- Micro Compact Home

Across Europe, these micro compact homes are available for tiny-space living. These prefabricated houses are the result of a university project dating back to 2001. Instead of bigger is better, these houses have turned in the completely opposite direction by having only about a 2.6m cube for living space. The cube’s tiny size means it can be places almost anywhere.


Strangest Houses: Micro Compact Homes

These minimal houses have room for sleeping, cooking, using the bathroom, and watching TV!

5- The Futuro House:

The Futuro House was designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1968 to be a vacation home. The round house is the shape of a flying saucer with an airplane hatch entrance. It has oval windows around the sides.


Strangest Houses: Futuro House

The fun and otherworldly house is over 26 feet in diameter and has about 500 square feet of living space. During the 60s and 70s, less than 100 of these prefabricated homes were made. They still are some of the strangest houses in the world. As a ski cabin, these houses are good because they shed snow and have low wind resistance.