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Text Messages Can Increase Sales By 328%

Text messages can make a difference n closing deals, with a higher open rate when compared to email messages. Texting (or rather sending SMSs) does not replace emails, but it complements it, and it helps making phone calls yield actual sales. Still, texting should be used with caution, for it can be intrusive or violtes personal domain when used for business purposes.


According to a recent study conducted by Leads360, a market-leader in cloud-based intelligent sales automation solutions, entitled, Text Messaging for Better Sales Conversion, which found conversion gains as high as 328 percent when text messaging is used appropriately in the sales process. Yet, the study revealed that only about two percent of sales prospects received text communications during the sales process, uncovering a sizable opportunity for sales organizations going forward.

With an estimated 9.6 trillion messages sent worldwide in 2012, it’s no wonder that marketers are flocking to this communication channel, and salespeople are just beginning to understand its value. However, in the name of love or business, etiquette is essential. Much like sending flowers to someone before meeting them, sending a text prior to making contact with a prospective customer can be perceived as forcing an early personal relationship where one does not exist.

With 68 percent of texters having sent a love note and 62 percent of marketers using or planning to use text messaging in the next 12 months, text messaging is far from unchartered. Sales pros can learn a lot from the pioneers that have come before them, and there is much to be gained by using text messaging in the sales process.