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What do they mean with ‘a landing page’ anyway?

In online marketing terminology, a landing page is a single webpage on any given website, that appears to a user who clicked on a search engine optimized search result or an online ad / banner.

The landing page is expected to show sales copy which complements the shown ad, search result or text link.

The main purpose of any landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads.

For example, a squeeze page is a special landing page aimed solely at collecting emails addresses from subscribers.
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TEKSTartist Jason Markow FiveSpotDerby.com

Today, my online guest is Jason Markow (a.k.a. TEKSTartist) from FiveSpotDerby.com who will take us through how he left his daily job to become an entrepreneurial artist! In his own words, he “artistically twists, warps, and distorts letters & words into the very thing they describe.” [Update in March 2018: FiveSpotDerby is currently down. I got no answer from Jason when I emailed him about the reason for taking the site down.]

The twist here is that Jason creates a special weekly limited-edition design. This design goes on sale for 7 days. Afterwards, any remaining prints are moved into the archive and are offered at $99. Each Five Spot Derby begins at just $5, and every 5 sold prints drive up the price by another $5.
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