COCA COLA's TASTE THE FEELING example of integrated marketing strategy.

Most probably you are reading this post because you are searching for Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)…

Or maybe you want to start using IMC as normal marketing is not working for your company.

Read on, as I’ll show you how IMC started, and how the big brands are relying on it to make more profits…

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan book cover by Allan Dib

The 1-Page Marketing Plan book, written by marketer Allan Dib, shows you how easy it is to write your marketing plan.

It simplifies the marketing plan into a single page, divided into nine squares.

Each square is given a full chapter to explain what should go in that square.

No decent marketing plan would fit on one page, no doubt there. But in your mind it can and should.

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Aneela Rose

I was fortunate enough to have Aneela Rose‘s approval for doing an online interview with Wajeez.

I want to thank Aneela (Founder and MD of Aneela Rose PR and Purple Rose Digital, UK) for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.

It’s not everyday that you have a PR agency founder open up and tell you everything you wanted to know about this mysterious world.

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is a lucrative market no one can or should drop, and targeting this area of the world requires more attention.

But most of all, requires to work with experts from the region on how to get the right message out. Here, I shall list just 3 common marketing mistakes I see everyday in Ads targeting Arabs and the MENA region.

1- Rely on stock photos of non-Arabs posing as Arabs – Mother of all marketing mistakes

This is considered as a cultural insult and the mother of all marketing mistakes. Some advertisers hire some Westerners and have them wear a cheap piece of cloth around their head.

Any Arab nationality seeing such ad will know it’s a fake photo / ad, from a fake company with a fake message.

If you want to do business with Arabs then you need to act like a real professional, who knows his customers well.

One who is capable of advertising to them in a way that respects their traditions and culture.

Left: Fake Arab. Right: Real Sheikh, very rich as well. Text book marketing mistakes sample

Left: Fake Arab. Right: Real Sheikh, very rich as well. Text book marketing mistakes sample

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