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Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (or Amazon SES) is touted as the best email marketing solution.

They are by far the cheapest ($1 / 1000 emails). They are the most reliable as well.

You can send thousands of emails in few minutes.

But, and that’s the part no one will tell you. They don’t accept anyone to use their service. This is what I have learned the hard way.

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eCommerce cart store business logo brand

Everyone seems to be asking how to launch a successful online store.

Maybe because of many recent online stores success stories, specially during the 2013 holiday season which broke many new records.

“By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.”
— Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, CO-CEOs of BigCommerce

Having been around the early days of the internet, when Amazon sprang to life, and having worked with many e-Commerce projects in the past, I’ve come to learn some tips for online stores success.
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Winter is the time to plan for your summer backpacking away from home. Whether you’re spending a few months in Europe, the US, or elsewhere, there’s some essential things you need.

Below is a list of the best 5 backpacking products for the summer which you can find on Amazon. I’ve hand-picked those five based on my long travel experience, in Australia, south Asia, and some parts of Europe.
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It’s the holiday season, the time for finding the right budget gifts that won’t break the bank.

For a lot of people, Christmas time or the holiday season is one of the most exciting and joyous time of the year.

Everything feels happier and cozier, tinsel glitters on the tree, lights sparkle on neighborhood homes…

…but underneath all that wrapping paper and peppermint mochas is the stress of figuring out meaningful presents for your friends and family that don’t break the bank.

Here is my own list of seven fun under $50 budget gifts, which I picked mainly for women, that won’t empty anyone’s bank account this holiday season.
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We’ve covered the topic of choosing the right Christmas gifts for newly-wed, now it’s time to help you choose the best Christmas gifts for travelers. A traveler may not be around for Christmas, but there’s no reason to forget their Christmas gifts. While it can be hard to shop for a traveler who is rarely at home long enough to need much, there’s many options out there that would make a jet setter smile, specially if he was an Aussie.

This is my personal list of top 10 Christmas gifts for travelers, who would love and appreciate, based on the experience of a professional Aussie backpacker (yours truly), who is currently planing to spend his coming two years traveling the world (but that’s another story).
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Cars are remarkably customizable. This is mainly due to the high demand for affordable, functional products to fit different consumer needs. Better media availability, tools to reduce collisions or legal snafus, and more advanced GPS systems so you always know where you are remain popular items. They are even becoming standard with top-of-the-line luxury vehicles.

Not all tech toys are created equal, however. Here are five gadgets to buy and pimp your ride that you will be very glad you picked up.
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Solid State Drive

It really doesn’t matter which SSD you’ll end up buying. By any means, they will all be better than the hard disk drive you are using today. Apart from quick boot times, the other most notable point is Windows responsiveness. Basically, everything is instant, it is a cheer joy to double click the Outlook  icon, and it pops up instantly in your face.

Having said that, you shall find endless articles discussing which SSD model or brand to buy, and you will get lost easily. If you trust Amazon’s Bestseller list, then go for Intel X25 line of SSDs. A good entry point is the Intel 80 GB X25M Mainstream SATA II Solid-State Drive Retail Package one. If you can afford it, then by all means grab the 160GB or above.
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Solid State Drive

SSD (or Solid State Drive) is the new trend at the moment in the world of computers, held back by its high introductory prices. As those prices keep coming down, holding on to a traditional hard drive is not a wise decision any more. In layman terms, SSDs are fast and silent, and consume less power.

Why would anyone ditch his/her trusted hard drive and go for a SSD? Because the time saved will deem it a worthy decision. Booting Windows/Mac OS from a SSD takes around 30% of the same time needed when booting from the usual hard drive with its rotating platters and moving parts. Launching applications is nearly instantaneous, and you do not torture yourself with the constant noise coming from the hard drive with its spinning platters.
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