Social friendly online stores are the new trend in eCommerce realm, and you should join them ASAP.

After Web 2.0, it’s now the time of the social media. Your online store must be Social friendly for many reasons.

For any online store looking to boost online sales and increase its brand-recognition, its website must carry certain social media features to make the most of it.

Those social features aim to increase visibility and brand presence in the minds of current and potential customers.
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When I’m asked to review websites and online stores, I usually start by checking the About Us page. Many times I’ve found it to be full of dull boring text, if not totally empty. This is a wrong start to online marketing. Your About Us page should tell a powerful story, a story that will get the reader hooked, your brand remembered, and your values admired.

Put simply, Power Stories are those that will turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans. Many business owners make the same mistake, they get caught up telling the world about their services and qualifications, when they should focus on the benefits a customer will get as a result of using their product or service.
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If you own a business or are considering starting one, make sure not to repeat those 3 deadly business sins.

When starting / running a new business, you may be uncertain about many things. That’s Ok.

There are plenty of business sins / examples to learn from the many blunders and botches of major corporations.

Here below, I list my 3 deadly business sins that I firmly believe (based on my personal experience) any business should be aware of, and work hard not to repeat.
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Not all interns turn out to be that good intern you are looking for. Certain specific people either possess or learn to develop those essential ‘good intern’ qualities which will hold them in good stead in the job market.

How to be the best intern ever is a question every good intern should work hard to answer. Below, I list 10 characteristics of a good intern which he / she should acquire or rather train himself / herself to have:

The quality of listening is much valued

A lot of people don’t know how to listen without interrupting or trying to show they know it all. The good intern who can listen without argument is pure gold. This is among the list of what to do during an internship.

The quality of being unobtrusive when not needed is another prized quality in interns

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Singapore best city for growing businesses

In 2012, Singapore came as the best country in the world for growing businesses, according to the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index. The United States came at 10th place, still ahead of France, China and Japan, and trails South Korea and Germany by a narrow margin and is ranked eighth in the area of financing environment. Read more

Christian Taylor, CEO of Payvment (a shopping platform inside Facebook), has 5 SME tips for small businesses to take advantage of and use Facebook to promote their companies:

SME Tips to better utilize Facebook business pages

SME Tips to better utilize Facebook business pages

SME Tips list: Differentiate:

With over 1.4 billion million users on Facebook, it’s easy for your business to be confused with another. Make good use of the “About” tab and fill out the company overview, mission, and website sections so users can be clear about who you are. Also, be sure to use your logo as your profile picture so users can recognize your brand.
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