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Lori Turk

Lori Turk used to suffer from having cut her fingers/knuckles/nails while grating cheese or potatoes and had to rush off for a band-aid to stop the bleeding.

To put an end to that suffering, Lori invented the SAFEGRATE kitchen tool that protects your fingers when grating food so that food preparation is SAFE for the whole family.

Lori wanted the world to know about her new invention, and as fate would want it, she stumbled upon my online guide to Writing Quick Press Releases and set out to write her own Press Release.

Lori Turk is a Mompreneur based out of North Vancouver, BC. She was kind enough to share it with me as well, and I’m sharing it with my readers here.
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Local Search listing is very important to any store (both online and brick and mortar stores). According to comScore, 78% of shoppers who search locally on their handsets end up making a purchase, 70% of them within one hour from searching.

This type of searching is dubbed ‘Local Search‘. It’s a common term used to reflect when a user searches online for an exact place or a city name, and usually gets search-results related to that location.
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So, it’s that time of the year again. Buying Christmas gifts for friends, family, and acquaintances can be stressful. Especially if one of them is recently married! You know your best friend and what she”ll love and appreciate, but finding something that her man will get a kick out of, too? And what about all the great wedding gifts that they just received?

These are questions you have to figure out how to answer before you head to the mall or start shopping online for your list of Christmas gifts. It’s probably best to have an idea of what they”ve already gotten to start out so that you can find them something different and special.
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In February 2012, LivingSocial conducted an online survey among 4,000 Americans  and 1,600 additional respondents in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The survey found that Americans, Canadians and Australians all gave U.S. tourists the title of the world’s worst tourists, while the Irish identified their British neighbors as the worst tourists, and the British called out the Germans for bad travel behavior.

The survey also found that 78% of Americans have visited at least one foreign country, 61% have visited multiple countries, and 36% have traveled to four or more foreign destinations. The average number of countries visited was more than four. Read more