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Successful recruiting might prove to be an allusive target, but Novo which is an American managed-recruitment outsourcing firm, uses advanced search techniques to deliver more qualified candidates at half the average price in the market.

In 2011, Novo recruiters filled over 500 professional positions at an average cost per hire of only 11%. Those recruiters shared 4 key recruiting tips and strategies for successful recruiting, and they are:
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Like many others, I thought it won’t happen to me, but it did; I was made redundant after receiving a simple termination letter.

The project assigned to me in Dubai got “put to sleep“, pending global economy recovery.

To mark that day, I’m posting a copy of my letter of termination…

…to remind myself (and the reader as well) always not to rely too long on a job…

… and to always work on creating passive income resources to save me from getting another letter like that. Read more