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Cryptocurrencies passed the stage of being Ok to ignore, to being vital to master and invest in.

One best way to learn more about crypto currencies – as I see it – is watching YouYube channels that cover that topic. Here I will list the best channels / YouTubers by far.

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For a lot of people, traveling the world (or even a few states over) is one of the top items on their bucket list. Whether you want to see the wonders of the world, try the unique cuisine of different cultures, or simply see the sights, we all have our reasons for wanting to get up and go. But traveling can be stressful too, depending on where you’re headed, unless you have the right travel apps on your phone or tablet.

There are a lot of factors: is this your first time visiting? Are you traveling alone? What’s your budget? Do you speak the language? Thankfully, having smartphones has made our lives infinitely easier, and traveling is absolutely no exception. Your phone already has a ton of features built in that make travel easier (on the iPhone: Maps, Compass, Weather, Passbook), and adding just a few of the best travel apps below will make your trip that much easier, letting you focus on the fun, relaxing, and exciting parts of the adventure.
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