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What do they mean with ‘a landing page’ anyway?

In online marketing terminology, a landing page is a single webpage on any given website, that appears to a user who clicked on a search engine optimized search result or an online ad / banner.

The landing page is expected to show sales copy which complements the shown ad, search result or text link.

The main purpose of any landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads.

For example, a squeeze page is a special landing page aimed solely at collecting emails addresses from subscribers.
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Everyone seems to be asking how to launch a successful online store.

Maybe because of many recent online stores success stories, specially during the 2013 holiday season which broke many new records.

“By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.”
— Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, CO-CEOs of BigCommerce

Having been around the early days of the internet, when Amazon sprang to life, and having worked with many e-Commerce projects in the past, I’ve come to learn some tips for online stores success.
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Update in 23rd March 2019: I’ve been reading many negative comments (i.e. YC, here) from people I trust about Shopify store and how greedy they have become, opting for draconian measures to lure more victims and torturing them with below par services. It’s the same internet story, a good, promising startup with trust-worthy founders. Then they do this big successful IPO, then the dreadful army of executives who choose profits over users march in and take control of the ship. I’ll give Shopify some time before I delete this post below, maybe they will come back to their senses and put the customers first, and not their VCs. -R.

The story of Kelly Lester, a stay-at-home mother who couldn’t find a proper lunchbox for her kids, so she searched on Alibaba.com and started manufacturing her own design, launched her Shopify store (EasyLunchboxes), and started selling its own Bento / lunch boxes online and made millions in profit is very common. It’s mainly because of the internet that such one-person businesses have a chance of surviving and thriving.

Kelly Lester, started her Shopify Store in 2012 and made millions!

Kelly Lester, started her Shopify Store in 2012 and made millions!

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, about 28,000 businesses with no employees other than the owner reported revenues of more than $1Million in 2011. Ten percent of those one-person businesses generated more than $100,000 of revenues per year. Over half of US small businesses are based in homes. On the other hand, Shopify website claims that it powers over 275,000 businesses in 2016.
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Facebook brand pages is a series business and LARGE marketing departments exist only for that purpose. Facebook has bypassed search engines as the number one source for bringing visitors to my blogs. That’s the case with many other bloggers and websites. The old saying: “Facebook is the internet” might not be that far from the truth at the moment. With Facebook’s total number of users crossing 1.4 billion users, and if we assume majority of those are real not fake, that means Facebook reaches ~17% of the world’s population.
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