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According to Bruce Dybvad, CEO of Interbrand Design Forum, “The best brands didn’t stand idly by, waiting for further signs of recovery. They contributed to it by anticipating their customer’s desire to return–not to shopping as usual–but to something better.” In its 2012 Best Retail Brands Report (an annual report that tracks latest retail trends), Interbrand once again stated that it’s a highly competitive marketplace out there in the retail industry.

A company may see it’s losing market share, but may not see where it’s going. Consumer spending is scattered, thanks to new ways of making purchases. Manufacturers are becoming retailers. New rivals, often in the form of companies too small to hit the radar, continue to enter and fragment the market. In such a climate, every customer interaction becomes crucial. In light of that, the most prominent global retail trends in the retail sector in 2012 are: Read more

Like many others, I thought it won’t happen to me, but it did; I was made redundant after receiving a simple termination letter.

The project assigned to me in Dubai got “put to sleep“, pending global economy recovery.

To mark that day, I’m posting a copy of my letter of termination…

…to remind myself (and the reader as well) always not to rely too long on a job…

… and to always work on creating passive income resources to save me from getting another letter like that. Read more