So, it’s that time of the year again. Buying Christmas gifts for friends, family, and acquaintances can be stressful. Especially if one of them is recently married! You know your best friend and what she”ll love and appreciate, but finding something that her man will get a kick out of, too? And what about all the great wedding gifts that they just received?

These are questions you have to figure out how to answer before you head to the mall or start shopping online for your list of Christmas gifts. It’s probably best to have an idea of what they”ve already gotten to start out so that you can find them something different and special.
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About to set off on holiday? Whether you’re going camping in the UK or relaxing in the sunshine abroad, take a look at HomeServe’s top travel tips for holidaymakers before you set off.

Travel Tips list #1. Keeping food and drink cool

If you’re going camping, freeze a large bottle of water. Pack this with your food and drink, then store in a shady place. This will help to keep your food and drink cold for 2-3 days — perfect for short camping trips!
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