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According to the Dubai Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing, Dubai currently has over 612 hotels offering more than 85,000 rooms. The Dubai government is hell-bent on monitoring those Dubai hotels very closely to guarantee they offer the best services possible in their class.

Dubai also listens to any complaints by any hotel guests, and if the management did not remedy such problems, they are slapped with hefty fines or worse, face having their license canceled. All of this leads to the high-standards and pampering services offered at majority of Dubai hotels.
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When it comes to impressing kids, you might feel like having to work hard to top your efforts of the previous year. But the truth is that most kids are pretty easy to please.

You don’t need to blow a wad of dough on your children birthday parties to deliver a party that is fun; they’d be happy just running around the yard with their friends.

But you still want to make your child’s birthday special. All while finding a way to entertain a roomful of kids is definitely on the agenda.

If you’re looking for a truly spectacular (but not necessarily spendy) ideas for Birthday Parties they’ll never forget. Here are just a few ideas you may want to try out.
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An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you do not keep your kids positively busy, you risk losing them to negative activities.

Many studies have proven that family involvement improves kids’ success at school.

Lately, I’ve spent some time searching for online websites that would keep my young daughter busy during her summer holiday, and help her improve her math skills.

Math Games is a keyword heavily sought after on the internet, and many websites claim they deliver them.

A parent can either surrender to the internet era and let his/her kids play math games online.

Or choose some mazes, puzzles and exercises to print them out for those youngsters to solve, colorize and most of all: enjoy!
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