Cars in UAE enjoy a very lucrative and dynamic marketplace, both on the demand and supply level, when compared with any other country in the world.

For example, used cars in UAE are generally much more expensive than used cars in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

A report by auto marketplace, revealed that used cars in UAE cost an average of AED 90,000 ($24,500), more than other cars in other markets.

The report also revealed that car owners in the UAE generally change their car three times more their peers living in other places of the world.
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Less than ten years ago, while I was working for a tech publication, I received an email from a new PR expert who was at that time representing Microsoft Xbox.

To my surprise, and as I discovered later on after meeting him face to face and running through thorough interrogations by yours truly, he knew a lot about video games.

In fact, he was a hardcore gamer not a fake one. Something very rare for a PR expert in Dubai!

When I asked him about anything, he would get to the bottom of it or simply say I don’t know.

I always liked to work with a PR man whom I can trust and rely on. His name is…

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In the past, the viewer was the passive part of the TV-deal. He / she used to accept whatever the TV-station has to offer him / her. When the Satellites started offering more alternatives, that model didn’t change much. Enter the internet and that scenario has been totally changed.

Now, the viewer has the upper hand, he now has online services all lined up to help him watch whatever he wants or chooses.

In the early days of online streaming in the Middle East, the viewer had icflix. (Wikipedia link)

(Long before Netflix & Amazon Video knew where on the map is the Middle East 🙂
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There are many wonders and facts about the nature surrounding us. Many things we don’t know and many things we would like to know. In this article, we will review some of the most amazing unknown facts about the tallest towers in the Middle East and Asia.
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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is a lucrative market no one can or should drop, and targeting this area of the world requires more attention.

But most of all, requires to work with experts from the region on how to get the right message out. Here, I shall list just 3 common marketing mistakes I see everyday in Ads targeting Arabs and the MENA region.

1- Rely on stock photos of non-Arabs posing as Arabs – Mother of all marketing mistakes

This is considered as a cultural insult and the mother of all marketing mistakes. Some advertisers hire some Westerners and have them wear a cheap piece of cloth around their head.

Any Arab nationality seeing such ad will know it’s a fake photo / ad, from a fake company with a fake message.

If you want to do business with Arabs then you need to act like a real professional, who knows his customers well.

One who is capable of advertising to them in a way that respects their traditions and culture.

Left: Fake Arab. Right: Real Sheikh, very rich as well. Text book marketing mistakes sample

Left: Fake Arab. Right: Real Sheikh, very rich as well. Text book marketing mistakes sample

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WoW players in the Middle East, educated guess in 2011

So it happened in one of my job interviews, and that question was addressed to me: how can you make an educated guess and calculate how many World of Warcraft gamers / WoW players are there in the Middle East region?

Truth be told, I wasn’t prepared for such a question, and my top-of-my-head answer at that interview did not satisfy me, so I decided to dig deeper, and do the math on my own, specially that Blizzard / Activision do not share such statistics.
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