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In March 2004, Howard Wein, a Food & Beverage expert, helped launch a new luxury boutique steakhouse called Barclay Prime in Philadelphia, US, by using a smart marketing stunt.

Wein knew that good food and great atmosphere are not enough, because:

  • 25% of new restaurants fail in their first year, and
  • 60% go out of business in their first three years.

(According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Newly launched restaurants struggle to get the word out that they opened their doors.

Wein needed to generate buzz in a market crowded with steakhouses.

He needed to make Barclay Prime stand out in the crowd.

Wein decided to get people talking about his new restaurant… by using a smart marketing stunt!

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If you’re like me, getting from point A to point B pretty much means hopping on a plane to go from coast to coast or even taking the next train across town. But we miss so much, confined to our isolated means of travel. Sure you can say your plane touched down in San Antonio, but did you actually see San Antonio? Did you try the barbeque, or visit a city landmark, or even see a movie?

There’s so much to learn about the US, and sometimes the best way to simply see it all is to do it the old-fashioned-way, by car travel on a road trip! Never underestimate the fun you can have squeezed into a small space with your family or best friends, tunes blasting, and your eyes on the open road. But which cities are the best for car travel? Here are some of our suggestions:
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