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So, it’s that time of the year again. Buying Christmas gifts for friends, family, and acquaintances can be stressful. Especially if one of them is recently married! You know your best friend and what she”ll love and appreciate, but finding something that her man will get a kick out of, too? And what about all the great wedding gifts that they just received?

These are questions you have to figure out how to answer before you head to the mall or start shopping online for your list of Christmas gifts. It’s probably best to have an idea of what they”ve already gotten to start out so that you can find them something different and special.
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We’ve covered the topic of choosing the right Christmas gifts for newly-wed, now it’s time to help you choose the best Christmas gifts for travelers. A traveler may not be around for Christmas, but there’s no reason to forget their Christmas gifts. While it can be hard to shop for a traveler who is rarely at home long enough to need much, there’s many options out there that would make a jet setter smile, specially if he was an Aussie.

This is my personal list of top 10 Christmas gifts for travelers, who would love and appreciate, based on the experience of a professional Aussie backpacker (yours truly), who is currently planing to spend his coming two years traveling the world (but that’s another story).
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