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Lori Turk

Lori Turk used to suffer from having cut her fingers/knuckles/nails while grating cheese or potatoes and had to rush off for a band-aid to stop the bleeding.

To put an end to that suffering, Lori invented the SAFEGRATE kitchen tool that protects your fingers when grating food so that food preparation is SAFE for the whole family.

Lori wanted the world to know about her new invention, and as fate would want it, she stumbled upon my online guide to Writing Quick Press Releases and set out to write her own Press Release.

Lori Turk is a Mompreneur based out of North Vancouver, BC. She was kind enough to share it with me as well, and I’m sharing it with my readers here.
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news release

By its origin, a news release, press release, media release, or press statement is a written communication aimed at members of the news media for announcing something newsworthy.

A news release is basically a document that announces your story, contains all the information needed to sell it, and ends with your contact details.

The news release will also contain a quote or two, important statistics, and good photos of you, your product, and your news.

Writing that perfect release that gets published is possible, should you stick to few rules and recommendations.

Appearing in the news ‘nearly costs nothing’, and has more appeal than ads.

Here, I’ve gathered easy quick tips that will help you to write a great release.

1. The news release should open with a lead paragraph that is newsworthy.

The lead paragraph should have a hook that clearly states the purpose of the news release.

If the release is about a product, the opening statement should clearly state the name, type, and purpose of the product.
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