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In March 2004, Howard Wein, a Food & Beverage expert, helped launch a new luxury boutique steakhouse called Barclay Prime in Philadelphia, US, by using a smart marketing stunt.

Wein knew that good food and great atmosphere are not enough, because:

  • 25% of new restaurants fail in their first year, and
  • 60% go out of business in their first three years.

(According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Newly launched restaurants struggle to get the word out that they opened their doors.

Wein needed to generate buzz in a market crowded with steakhouses.

He needed to make Barclay Prime stand out in the crowd.

Wein decided to get people talking about his new restaurant… by using a smart marketing stunt!

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Dubai is the perfect place for people looking for spending their times partying, having fun, and going wild in the lively atmosphere of Dubai Restaurants. We also need to remember that Dubai is a perfect place for family gatherings. One can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities with the family, whether you’re going out on safari adventures, watching movies, or casually going to the family atmospheric restaurants in Dubai.

We have compiled a list of some family-friendly Dubai restaurants to consider. We selected them based on the feedback provided by the chaps at ReserveOut.com, the online restaurants reservations website in Dubai.
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Sin City is home to some of the most extraordinary restaurants in the world. Some are managed by celebrities, some have celebrity head-chefs. But everyone knows about those must-try ritzy restaurants (Like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill). What about all the off-the-beaten-path places that most visitors are unlikely to pass by? There is some seriously good eats in Vegas, and these are the top ten Las Vegas Restaurants you should know about:
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