Here in this new series of posts I will quickly review products that I bought recently.

There will be no affiliate / commission / paid endorsements or the likes in this series.

This is my money and my free opinion about those products.
I would like to read your comment if you had a similar experience like or unlike mine.
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Simone Newman and Jackie O’Malley are 2 small town girls hoping to turn office lemons into lemonade to share with their readers. They dare to dream of a workplace where normalcy and fair play reign and for that they both wrote a book titled: It’s Them or You! Surviving the Cast of Characters in Your Workplace (Link). It’s a handy and humorous field guide to typical coworker character types, created to aid readers in the Darwinian world of today’s office environment.

Newman and O’Malley have gathered descriptions of 58 unique, difficult character types that lurk in hallways and cubicles, making their coworkers’ lives more difficult by the day. Ranging from various types of wannabe office Romeos with playful nicknames such as “Captain Caveman” and “Closet Serial Killer,” to “The Southern Belle from Hell,” each character is described in short, humorous profiles. They were kind enough to share 5 character types with us here:
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