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content marketing guide

Content marketing is creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant content to a targeted audience online. This can be a blog post, online article, ebook, video, social media post, podcast, etc.

This short guide you are about to read sums everything up, and gets you up to a good start.

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Professional CV ‘s and resume trends are changing at a fast pace, but the basics are still the same.

As long as you have enough work experience, you’ll have a better chance in your job hunting.

A clean and modern design coupled with vivid storytelling will give you some bonus points when you are searching for a way to gain an employer’s trust.

Most employers will spend little time scanning each CV before they stick it in the “Yes” or “No” pile.

Writing a good, professional CV is not an easy job. It can be challenging at times, but still doable. This post will arm you with some smart tips for writing a professional CV.
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Small business growth is a very crucial art that you need to master.

All businesses have to grow or lose out and risk getting out of business.

Startups and Small Business Growth is very critical, as the margins are tight, capital is next to zero, and they can’t afford losing or waiting too long to make a profit.

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After living for some time in Dubai, or visiting it many many times, you start to learn few Dubai Hacks here and there.

For writing this article, I’ve searched the likes of Reddit, Quora, British Expats and the sort of websites to write the ultimate Dubai hacks guide.

Having said that, Dubai is a vibrant city (or Emirate for that matter) and so expect Dubai Hacks to keep changing and getting updated, so mark this page and make sure to come back to check on the updated and new Dubai hacks.

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news release

By its origin, a news release, press release, media release, or press statement is a written communication aimed at members of the news media for announcing something newsworthy.

A news release is basically a document that announces your story, contains all the information needed to sell it, and ends with your contact details.

The news release will also contain a quote or two, important statistics, and good photos of you, your product, and your news.

Writing that perfect release that gets published is possible, should you stick to few rules and recommendations.

Appearing in the news ‘nearly costs nothing’, and has more appeal than ads.

Here, I’ve gathered easy quick tips that will help you to write a great release.

1. The news release should open with a lead paragraph that is newsworthy.

The lead paragraph should have a hook that clearly states the purpose of the news release.

If the release is about a product, the opening statement should clearly state the name, type, and purpose of the product.
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Social friendly online stores are the new trend in eCommerce realm, and you should join them ASAP.

After Web 2.0, it’s now the time of the social media. Your online store must be Social friendly for many reasons.

For any online store looking to boost online sales and increase its brand-recognition, its website must carry certain social media features to make the most of it.

Those social features aim to increase visibility and brand presence in the minds of current and potential customers.
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Reduce work stress

Around 92% of employees in the US alone have been more stressed out at work over the past five years than they were before the recession, according to Right Management. Work stress is a silent killer that can ruin anyone’s life and career, albeit it can be stopped and reduced with some simple life tips.

Additionally, the American Psychological Association states that nearly a quarter of Americans currently feel like they are under “extreme stress,” largely related to job security and financial issues. This life-wrecking pressure can’t go on and has to be addressed and reduced, for a long healthy and productive life and career.
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Heat waves are imminent, which means more air conditioner time, and a surge in power consumption nation wide. Georgia Power – a major American generators of electricity serving 2.4 million customers – shared some energy saving tips to keep customers cool and comfortable and help lower their monthly power bills.

Those energy efficiency tips are crucial not only to save at the bill, but also to conserve the resources of this planet we live on. Yes, it’s down to you and me to help save our planet, by lowering our own energy footprint, and increasing the awareness of the basic energy conservation literature. Mark those energy saving tips as they can and will make a difference.
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The Spring road trip and tow season is upon us, time for the experts at AutoMD.com to put together another Top Ten Tips list for car towing, to make sure that road warriors tow their precious belongings safely, while avoiding any possible tear and wear on their towing vehicle.

1. Understanding Towing Capacity

Never exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. You may be thinking that you having a truck means you can tow a boat, but if the boat and trailer are heavier than your towing capacity, you can find yourself in deep water (literally!).

If your tow load exceeds your car or truck’s capacity, it can lead to significant mechanical issues and/or transmission damage. Plus, it can cause sway issues, which can have a devastating impact on others on the road. To find out what your car/truck’s towing capacity is, consult your vehicle owner’s manual. Read more