According to the Dubai Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing, Dubai currently has over 612 hotels offering more than 85,000 rooms. The Dubai government is hell-bent on monitoring those Dubai hotels very closely to guarantee they offer the best services possible in their class.

Dubai also listens to any complaints by any hotel guests, and if the management did not remedy such problems, they are slapped with hefty fines or worse, face having their license canceled. All of this leads to the high-standards and pampering services offered at majority of Dubai hotels.
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The 2015 Honda CRV has not undergone a complete makeover. Yet this year’s refresh has been so significant that the CR-V has garnered rave reviews. The 2015 edition has been ranked Number One among Affordable Compact SUVs by US News and World Reports.

Motor Trend has chosen the Honda CRV 2015 to be their Number One SUV of the year as well. It had to be real tough to make it to the top of a list that includes 21 world-renowned competitors.

Why buy a Honda CRV 2015? What makes this one so special? Well, the new Honda CR-V offers a winning combination that adds up to a good buy, whether you opt for the well-equipped Base edition or the Touring trim.
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Australia has a long history of love and obsession with classic cars and motoring. Ever since the former Prime Minister Ben Chifley watched the unveiling of the Holden FX, Australians have shown their love and passion for motoring and classic cars. The biggest car manufacturers in Australia are Holden (a subsidiary of GM) and Ford Australia.

Because of the exorbitant costs of manufacturing anything in Australia, some say the future won’t have any Australian-made cars, which gives more value to the old classic cars that stood out the test of time and tried to leave their mark in the motoring history books and in the memories of true car lovers and enthusiastic. This is a list of my top 10 classic cars built and manufactured on Australian soil.
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Not all interns turn out to be that good intern you are looking for. Certain specific people either possess or learn to develop those essential ‘good intern’ qualities which will hold them in good stead in the job market.

How to be the best intern ever is a question every good intern should work hard to answer. Below, I list 10 characteristics of a good intern which he / she should acquire or rather train himself / herself to have:

The quality of listening is much valued

A lot of people don’t know how to listen without interrupting or trying to show they know it all. The good intern who can listen without argument is pure gold. This is among the list of what to do during an internship.

The quality of being unobtrusive when not needed is another prized quality in interns

No one likes an intern who’s constantly in other people’s faces. If you can efface yourself and observe silently, you’ll learn more and ensure that you don’t get in people’s way. Read more

Fuel Economy

The current wave of increases in gas prices served as a wake-up call for car buyers and manufacturers alike. According to a 2012 report by (a leading online resource for automotive information) the Audi A3 has made bigger strides in fuel economy since 2008 than any other vehicle on the U.S. market. It has increased its fuel economy 38.5 percent, from 21.0 mpg in its 2008 model year, to 29.1 mpg in its 2012 model year. The Chevy Equinox, placed second with a 32 percent growth in fuel economy in the last four years. Read more

Most expensive hotels rankings, mainly the luxury category, are based on the rates for the most expensive suite a hotel has to offer. However, in 2011 took a different approach for this survey. They ranked the most expensive hotels based on the minimum rate / cost to stay for one night.

With an average rate of $2455, the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa in Anse Louis in the Seychelles came out as the most expensive hotel in the world. On its heels came Hotel Pitrizza in Porto Cervo, Italy, where the nightly rates average $2335. The most expensive hotel in Africa is the Royal Mansour in Marrakech. It came in third place with an average rate of $2327 per night. Read more

There will always be many Twitter accounts worthy of your following, but if you were considering visiting Dubai on a business trip, or if you were just interested about this Emirate / city that made the whole world come to know about it and its achievements, then this list below is worth your while. Yours truly has hand picked those accounts, based on my experience gained about this charming city.
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