I’ve been driving a Nissan Rogue, aka Nissan X-Trail 2015 to date. Over the years I’ve added or taken out some of the following reasons.

I also drive the Honda CR-V 2014 from time to time, which allows me to compare between the two SUV’s.

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced small crossover, there are at least ten reasons to go ‘Nissan Rogue.’

The Nissan Rogue is working hard to gain ground against heavy hitters like the best-selling Honda CR-V.

In fact, it gained size, a more handsome exterior, and a better interior in its last update.

Nissan is playing to its strengths with this vehicle, emphasizing comfort, versatility, technology, safety features, and fuel economy.

If you aren’t in North America, you’ll know the Nissan Rogue by another name, the X-Trail.

Please note that most of the features I mention below are optional, not standard.
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Unlike the U.S. where prestigious motor shows are annual events, most European and Asian cities host their largest motor shows biannually. Still they are just as big in scope and excitement. Each has its roots in the auto industry that originated in that country, but all transcend their original purpose, displaying the best automotive products from around the globe. More than just cars, these shows are all about the latest technologies and the most cutting-edge designs, inside and out.
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Whether you are just dreaming or you really have the cash on hand, the place to spot your dream car is one of the four major U.S. auto shows.  You’ll need to book tickets for Detroit in January, Chicago in February, New York in April, or Los Angeles in November of every year.

These four auto shows compete with each other for the most premieres and, of course, prestige. Eye candy ranges from the wildest automotive ideas to the sexiest, most luxurious vehicles on the market.  You”ll even find that the shows aren’t expensive, which is remarkable, given their size and scope.
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Local Search listing is very important to any store (both online and brick and mortar stores). According to comScore, 78% of shoppers who search locally on their handsets end up making a purchase, 70% of them within one hour from searching.

This type of searching is dubbed ‘Local Search‘. It’s a common term used to reflect when a user searches online for an exact place or a city name, and usually gets search-results related to that location.
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Crowdtilt is a crowd-sourcing website that offers a group-funding platform to allows users to establish fundraising campaigns for only non-profit organizations. Crowdtilt was founded by James Beshara and Khaled Hussein, and launched out of Y Combinator in February 2012. The company was initially based in Texas and is now headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Crowdtilt has secured many rounds of investment with a total of $37 Million, and is set to expand outside of the US, with eyes set on English speaking countries like Canada, U.k. and Australia. I managed to get in touch with Khaled Hussein over the email, and knowing how busy he is, I managed to get him to answer those 3 questions below.
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San Francisco is one of those magical cities that lives up to everything you”ve ever heard about it. The diversity of the city, the natural beauty, the great places to dine, cultural landmarks… the list goes on and on. It’s a city loved both by Americans and Internationally as a major West Coast headquarters.

I must admit: it is nearly impossible to “see” San Francisco in 24 hours. You could probably LIVE in San Fran your whole life and still not really see the city. But that’s okay- just play along. This is what I would do if given a day in San Francisco and had to make the most of it.

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Los Angeles seems to be the type of place you either absolutely love or never want to visit again. But I think the people who say they hate it have only seen the tourist traps; not that the touristy places aren’t worth a visit, but there is so much more to L.A. than the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The city is so diverse in terms of food, landscape, and entertainment, you could easily spend a week or more exploring. But let’s say you only have 24 hours to squeeze in as much as you can. Here’s where to go to get a real taste of everything L.A. has to offer.
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There is nothing quite like a road trip. Exciting, spontaneous and giving you a deep look at the country you are exploring, there is a reason the best buddy films begin in a car. Of all of these adventures, the Great American Road Trip is probably the best known. Many people have made their way from state to state, seeing the US the way it was always meant to be seen.

If you are reading this, chances are you are planning the same kind of excursion. You also have an iPhone, which is going to become your best tool during your holiday. Here are five of the best iPhone apps for driving across the US.
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If you’re like me, getting from point A to point B pretty much means hopping on a plane to go from coast to coast or even taking the next train across town. But we miss so much, confined to our isolated means of travel. Sure you can say your plane touched down in San Antonio, but did you actually see San Antonio? Did you try the barbeque, or visit a city landmark, or even see a movie?

There’s so much to learn about the US, and sometimes the best way to simply see it all is to do it the old-fashioned-way, by car travel on a road trip! Never underestimate the fun you can have squeezed into a small space with your family or best friends, tunes blasting, and your eyes on the open road. But which cities are the best for car travel? Here are some of our suggestions:
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