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UPDATE: After Google started charging money for using its Maps services, Million Dollar Earth had to shut down as the income was less than the monthly costs and no alternative – at the time – was there to replace Google Maps. A reminder not to trust / rely on Google when it launches another “FREE” service.

I was fortunate enough to come across Ryan Hart, the many behind the Million Dollar Earth website. Same as what Alex Tew managed to do with in 2005, Ryan is set out to sell the map of the world, online. I asked him few questions over the email, and those below were his answers.
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WoW players in the Middle East, educated guess in 2011

So it happened in one of my job interviews, and that question was addressed to me: how can you make an educated guess and calculate how many World of Warcraft gamers / WoW players are there in the Middle East region?

Truth be told, I wasn’t prepared for such a question, and my top-of-my-head answer at that interview did not satisfy me, so I decided to dig deeper, and do the math on my own, specially that Blizzard / Activision do not share such statistics.
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According to a new survey conducted by Cardbeat and Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG), more than three-quarters (76%) of American consumers have an active PayPal account. This percentage rose up sharply from 55% in their 2008 survey.

Still, PayPal accounts for less than 10% of total online sales volume in 2010. The seemingly inexorable growth of online e-commerce websites and trade drives more and more dollars to the payment service. Final volume counts still await the end of the holiday shopping season. PayPal reported a 27% increase over 2009 in Black Friday online payments.
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A strong password is a title that keeps changing hands year after year, specially with the rapid advances in tech. In 2010, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced the findings of a ZoneAlarm survey, revealing that 79% of consumers use risky password construction practices, such as including personal information and words.

26% of respondents confessed to reusing the same password for important accounts such as email, banking or shopping and social networking sites. In addition, as much as 8% admitted to copying an entire password found online in a listing of “good” passwords.
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Solid State Drive

SSD (or Solid State Drive) is the new trend at the moment in the world of computers, held back by its high introductory prices. As those prices keep coming down, holding on to a traditional hard drive is not a wise decision any more. In layman terms, SSDs are fast and silent, and consume less power.

Why would anyone ditch his/her trusted hard drive and go for a SSD? Because the time saved will deem it a worthy decision. Booting Windows/Mac OS from a SSD takes around 30% of the same time needed when booting from the usual hard drive with its rotating platters and moving parts. Launching applications is nearly instantaneous, and you do not torture yourself with the constant noise coming from the hard drive with its spinning platters.
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Twitter logoDaniel Romero, a Ph.D graduate from Cornell University, measured the influence of all the news media accounts on Twitter, using what he calls the Influence-Passivity Algorithm and came up with a list of the Top 100 influential news media accounts on Twitter. His research data included all tweets containing a URL from June 15th through July 22nd of 2009.

Romero found out that “having a large number of followers does not imply having influence in news social media. Furthermore, not having a large number of followers does not mean lack of influence.” … “to be influential on Twitter news media networks have to keep their audience engaged through valuable tweets and not simply convince people to “follow them on Twitter.”

The list comes after the jump!
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Nokia Corp, the $44 billion company at the time of writing those lines, is suffering from constant market share decline, caused mainly by the $230 billion Cupertino, California-based Apple, through its iPhone line of mobile phones. In 1999, Nokia peaked with 203 billion Euros market value, the highest of any European company. How did this Finnish conglomerate fall from grace? Time for some lessons.
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