About to set off on holiday? Whether you’re going camping in the UK or relaxing in the sunshine abroad, take a look at HomeServe’s top travel tips for holidaymakers before you set off.

Travel Tips list #1. Keeping food and drink cool

If you’re going camping, freeze a large bottle of water. Pack this with your food and drink, then store in a shady place. This will help to keep your food and drink cold for 2-3 days — perfect for short camping trips!

2. Save space

Top Ten Travel Tips For Holidaymakers

Top Ten Travel Tips For Holidaymakers

Pillows are bulky items to pack, so use a pillowcase to transport some of your clothes. Then at night time you can stuff the pillowcase with soft clothing and use as a pillow.

3. Avoid damp toilet paper

A good trick to prevent toilet paper becoming damp is to take a plastic bottle and stuff some toilet roll into the bottle, leaving the end sticking out of the top. Then simply pull and tear the toilet paper off as you need it.

4. Protect your food

Keep food in sealed containers to avoid attracting insects and always eat a short distance away from your tent. Any crumbs dropped on the grass will attract unwanted insects and bugs.

5. Avoid ant invasions

Cinnamon is a great natural deterrent to fighting ant invasions, so try sprinkling a line of cinnamon across the entrance to your tent.

6. How to keep bottles and cans cold

Dampen a sock and place your bottle or can inside, then store in the shade. This trick will help to keep your drinks cool.

7. How to clean your suitcase

Remove the dust and bits that collate inside and outside of the suitcase over time by vacuuming inside and outside of the case. Next wipe your suitcase clean using a damp cloth and some mild soap. To clean suitcase wheels, try using a sponge to get into any nooks and crannies. To leave the inside smelling fresh, spray with an odour-reducer spray. Remember to allow your case to dry before using or storing.

8. Packing toiletries

Most of us pack toiletries in a section separate to our clothes but it’s still a good idea to put any items likely to leak into a plastic carrier bag. If your toiletries do leak, they won’t seep through onto your clothes.

9. Packing clothes

Clothes take up less room when rolled as opposed to being folded. By rolling in tissue paper the clothes will also get less wrinkled.

10. Connecting flights

When taking connecting flights the risk of losing a suitcase tends to be higher. If you’re traveling with another person it’s a good idea to split your luggage between suitcases. If one suitcase is lost or late you’ll both have access to clean clothes.

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