5 DIY Tips for a Shiny Car

Would you like your car to look new at all times? Would like to have a shiny car just like a new car coming out from the showroom? Although many car owners send their cars for car-care service or maintain their cars themselves, not many of them are using the right method to make it shine.

I used to be one of them when I bought my first car. All I know sending my car to car wash service once a week and waxing 3 times per week. Not only wasting money on bad services, these services have never gave me the results I want. I could not see any differences after paying hundreds of hard earned $$$ to these professionals.

Things have changed since I decided to learn how to do it myself. Other than making my car shine again, I realized that it takes less than $100 per year. Here are the exact 5 steps to professional car detailing for an awesome shiny car:

First Step for a Shiny Car: Wash

This is the step where you need to wash your car. Always remember not to use a normal cloth and dish washing liquid to wash your car. These items are convenient but damaging to a car. Use a car wash shampoo and wash mitt instead. Use the 2 bucket method to wash your car.

Step 2: Clay Bar Detailing

Clay bars are not expensive at all. It is best to do clay bar detailing twice a year. Detail your car with a good clay bar and clay lubricant. Claying removes particles that stick to the clay when it is rubbed gently along the car’s surface. When done properly, claying is non-abrasive and will not damage your car.

Step 3: Liquid Cleaning Wax

Use liquid cleaning wax to remove oil-based contaminants such as diesel stain. If you have cleaned your car with car wash shampoo and clay bar, you might see dark stains on your car. These are oil-based contaminants which could only be removed with liquid cleaning wax.

Step 4: Inspection & Repair

When your car is clean, all the paint imperfections and damages will be very obvious to your eyes. Damages such as swirl marks, scratches, paint chips and others will appear on your car. For swirl marks, you can remove them with polishing (using dual action polisher and compound).

Step 5: Waxing

This is the final step many people look forward. I have to reveal a truth about waxing at this step. Waxing does NOT make your car shiny. The main purpose of waxing is to create a protective layer to protect your car paint from the environment and contaminants.

Good car washing and cleaning is the key to a shiny car. If you have spent most of time on the first 4 steps, your car probably looks very shiny right now. Waxing could only enhance the original shine but is not able to make a dull-looking car glow.

A shiny car is every car owner's dream. Here is a shiny Challenger 01, by Graeme Maclean / flickr

A shiny car is every car owner’s dream. Here is a shiny Challenger 01, by Graeme Maclean / flickr

If you love to give good impressions to your passengers, remember to do car interior detailing as well. Clean your car interior and apply protection on them. This will help your car interior look new and clean at all time.

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