Top 10 Highest Paying US Cities for Technology Jobs

Online recruiter CyberCoders.com released the year 2012 results of their survey of the US cities which pay the highest average salary for technology jobs. Established tech hubs such as San Jose, San Francisco and New York’s silicon alley rank highest in pay versus smaller cities such as Phoenix, St. Louis and Tampa. CyberCoders analyzed more than 3,000 technical job titles from around the nation to determine the highest paying cities for technology jobs.

CyberCoders Highest Paying Cities for Technology Jobs

Rank City Average Salary
1 San Jose $119,412
2 San Francisco $112,739
3 New York $105,192
4 Washington D.C. $99,618
5 Boston $99,099
6 Los Angeles $96,705
7 Brooklyn $96,696
8 Philadelphia $95,929
9 Chicago $94,899
10 Dallas $94,799


San Jose is the home to tech giants like Adobe, Yahoo and many others, and its Silicon Valley has long reigned supreme as a city for technology jobs. Jobs in demand include: Java developers, software engineers, C++ developers, and QA engineers to name a few.

CyberCoders research shows the average yearly salary for the same position in various cities differs. For example, a .NET Developer in San Francisco makes on average $98,750.00 dollars a year, while in Los Angeles a .NET Developer’s salary is listed as $86,875 a year.

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  1. Danko
    Danko says:

    They don’t appear to have put in the necessary cost of living for cities though. Tampa/Phoneix/etc may appear to pay less in total dollar amounts however may actually pay MORE based on the cost of living in those cities compared to a San Francisco or San Jose.

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