Australia is a land known for its beautiful scenery and relaxing, laid back lifestyle. It’s also a country that takes in a high amount of foreign students into Australian universities. Australia is an attractive place to study, and it has world-class facilities. Many of Australia’s universities are world-renown, offering students opportunities that aren’t to be found elsewhere.

It’s no surprise that the list of top Australian universities isn’t based on academic performance per se, but rather on the city each university is located in. Most Australian universities will give you quality education, but not all of them will give you the experience that the ones named here can. Let’s start:

Top 5 Australian Universities, according to a nomad student:


1) University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW

Sydney is the gateway to Australia. It is the most known city of the southern lands, and it offers experiences that are incredible and amazing. The University of Sydney is located in the heart of the city, between the bohemian world of Newtown and the bustle of the Central Business District (or CBD for short). It offers degrees in all areas such as science, arts, media, medicine and more.

University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, is an amazing place to study and live, making it top our list of Australian universities.

University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, is an amazing place to study and live, making it top our list of Australian universities.

Besides the benefits to your career, studying at the University of Sydney means living in Sydney; days and nights with amazing weather most of the year around, the culture and life found in a growing city, the collection of people from all over the world, and the opportunities that a big city offers. You need to see it yourself to understand why I chose this uni to top my list of top Australian universities. If you ever register there, you’ll come back later to thank me 😉

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2) Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland

The city of Brisbane isn’t quite as big as Sydney. Its people are nice to mingle with and really friendly, and it’s more chilled out and relaxed. It’s an excellent place to study and avoid the distractions that can be found in a big city like Sydney. Griffith University is heavily connected to Asia in terms of the focus of its studies and has close ties with various institutes in the region.

Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland shinning at night!

Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland shinning at night!

The campuses are found in areas that are incredibly picturesque; the riverside Southbank just across from the city, in the bush areas of Mount Gravatt and in Logan. Brisbane offers those who live there weather that knows nothing about the winter (Unless it’s having one of its giant storms that lasts for almost a month.), many opportunities to get outside and relax, and to be involved in the local community to meet new people. Brisbane is like a big city without the “big ego” part, and Griffith University is located well to add to your studies.

3) Southern Cross University, North Coast, NSW

Southern Cross University is located at various campuses around the North Coast of New South Wales (NSW) and in the Gold Coast, Queensland. It’s a university that isn’t that famous, but it gives its students a decent education that will serve them well in their career. Classes are a bit small and cozy, allowing lecturers to offer more attention to their students.

Southern Cross University, North Coast, NSW

Southern Cross University, North Coast, NSW

The staff come from many backgrounds with a wide diversity to be found in their lives and experiences. Besides academic qualifications, what puts SCU on this list is its location. There aren’t many beautiful areas equal to the North Coast of NSW. It’s home to Byron Bay, Lismore, Nimbin, Tweed Heads, Coolongatta and many more places that are easy to fall in love with.

Being a small town in the country, the lifestyle is more relaxed than should be healthy. If you’re studying something like environmental sciences, SCU is a recommended place to enroll, as the natural environment is everywhere.

4) University of Melbourne, Victoria

The University of Melbourne has a name for itself, and was Australia’s second university. Both Sydney and Melbourne universities are hard to gain acceptance to, but are more than worthwhile. One of the main factors that you’d choose this institute over any others is the fact that it’s situated in Melbourne.

University of Melbourne, Victoria

University of Melbourne, Victoria

The night life in Melbourne is full of culture and entertainment, and like Sydney, the city is laid back in comparison to most other cities. It’s filled with good food, good times and good memories to be made. Melbourne is expensive to live in for a student, but there’s so much on offer than even if you’re struggling for cash you can find something to do. Most likely you’ll meet friends and struggle for cash together, which is one of the experiences of university life!

5) The Australian National University, ACT.

The Australian National University in Canberra is a top university in Australia. Canberra is the capital of Australia, and is a very different lifestyle to Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else. It doesn’t have the night life of Sydney or Melbourne, doesn’t have the weather of the North Coast of Brisbane, but it is a place that can offer up opportunities for your career and is more affordable than the larger cities.

Logo of The Australian National University (ANU)

Sign of The Australian National University (ANU)

It’s considerably quiet, perfect setup for students who want to truly focus on their studies. The surroundings are amazing. As it’s the always case anywhere in Australia, I’d recommended that you get a car and drive around. It’s an easy, yet long, drive to either Sydney or Melbourne, but what’s between those cities is usually something worth seeing. (Wikipedia link)

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