So, all the features that other mobile phones offer don’t interest you. Why is that? Because you want a cell phone that’s as tough as the life that you live, specially when you travel the world. You want the toughest mobile phone that can be dropped on concrete or in water, a smartphone that would survive the apocalypse.

Below I list five of the toughest mobile phones deals money can buy today, guaranteed to be able to take the strain of life and bounce back.

1) Caterpillar CAT B15

The winner of our toughest mobile phones award belongs to a brand that’s synonymous with construction sites: CAT, or Caterpillar.  Caterpillar has built its reputation as being the toughest and long lasting equipment on the construction site.

Toughest mobile phones - Caterpillar-CAT-B15-water

The winner of our toughest mobile phones award: CAT B15

This follows through to its line of smart phones, made in conjunction with Bullitt Mobile. This Android cell phone is reliable, tough, and constructed as you’d expect a tank to be. The battery has a long life, and its screen is: scratch, water and dust resistant. On Amazon, the Caterpillar CAT B15 sells for $394

2) Sony Xperia Go

Touch screen phones aren’t usually known to be tough. Many models have screens that smash too quickly and too easily. Not Sony’s Xperia Go. This dust-proof and waterproof Android phone is designed for someone who is used to mountain biking, paddle-boarding, canoeing, skateboarding, and running, or has just built a brick wall.

Coupled with its scratch-resistant screen and shock resistant body, this phone can go through hell and come back. The Sony Xperia Go ST27i sells for $218 factory unlocked on Amazon.

3) Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Other Samsung models have gone to university, while the Xcover 2 has gone to the gym. It doesn’t have the style or engine of other Samsung devices, but the Xcover 2 is for people who just want something to take care of business. No frills, no fuss, no worries.

I’ve chosen this mobile phone only for Samsung fans sake, those who only use and trust the Galaxy line of products. Apart from that, this phone is good for making calls in the toughest of environments, but don’t dip it in water! On Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 sells for $255.25.

4) Sonim XP Strike

Sonim’s XP Strike is a phone that can handle anything. Being dropped on to concrete from heights or being immersed in water. It’s so tough that the Sonim Strike XP comes with a 3 year warranty, beating most of the 1 year warranties phones normally come with. This sturdy phone is covered in thick rubber, and it feels as if it’s built to be physically tested.

This makes for a cell phone that can go through hell, which also means it won’t appeal to those fashion aficionados! This phone is so rugged that it can survive nearly anything and keep ringing! On Amazon the Sonim XP Strike sells for $149.

5) Motorola Defy + MB526

The Motorola Defy is an economic tough Android Gingerbread based smartphone that doesn’t look as tough at it is. According to many reviews from users, the Motorola Defy is recommended based on its decent engine and the indestructible outside.

The phone is thick, old model, cheap and has great battery life. The touch screen is made from Gorilla Glass, which is known for its toughness and durability, but don’t expect too much from it. On Amazon, the Motorola Defy sells for $179

So, there’s a list of the 5 toughest phones on the market. It can be hard for phone companies to find a balance between image and ruggedness. Life-proofing a mobile phone can take away some of the other features that customers want from their phones.

But, if you’re someone who works outdoors or in the construction bsuiness, those other features mean nothing if your smartphone is always in danger of breaking or failing to work when you most need it to.

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