Australian Made Cars you say?

Do they even make cars down-under?

Did they ever manufacture a decent automobile?

Of course they did, and not only that, the Australian car industry is trying very hard not to throw in the towel and to stay in the game, keeping the banner of Australian made cars held high.

Whether they will manage to do that or not remains to be answered in the coming years.

Our down-under (aka Australian) reporter, Aaron, writes about the top most recent Australian made cars carrying the infamous ‘Made in Australia’ tag, which you can buy today, should you ever trust an Australian car maker with your money, or drop by Australia for some Australian Holden buying frenzy, or you were an Australian looking out to buy a new car.

1- The Pride of all Australian Made Cars Toyota Camry Atara

The king of Australian Made Cars!

The king of Australian Made Cars!

Toyota may not be an Australian owned company, but it is one of the few car manufacturers still making cars in Australia.

Its flagship model is the incredibly popular Toyota Camry.

Australian-made Toyotas are world-known for their reliability.

This comes really handy in Australia where long car trips can take a toll on any car’s health.

The Camry’s design is simple yet attractive, and there are a range of models available.

On average, nearly 1 in every 3 mid-sized cars sold in Australia is a Camry, which shows Australians know how to make and love a Camry.

Price: top range $39,990

2- Holden Commodore VF Evoke

The Australian Holden is a contender in the realm of Australian-made cars

The Australian Holden is a contender in the realm of Australian-made cars

Australians may have an affair with Toyotas, but their first love will always be Holden (Australian name from GM) and Ford. Since its debut in 1978, the mid-sized Holden Commodore (elsewhere know as the Chevrolet Lumina) has been one of Australia’s best cars for years. Holden’s new Commodore model, the VF Evoke (elsewhere know as Chevrolet SS), is considered as the entry level of the range. It’s built for Australian conditions, with extreme heat and long distances driving in mind, and to appeal to drivers looking for smaller size cars.

Price: $34,990 Sedan. $36,990 Wagon.

3- Ford Falcon G6E


The Ford Falcon G6E is the latest model in the decades long life of the Falcon cars made specially for the Australian market.

In its times, this model was claimed as the best Falcon yet, especially in terms of aerodynamics and body work.

No wonder there when you read specs like: 4.0L engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, rear parking sensors, reversing camera, sports body kit, dual zone automatic climate control, leather seats, curtain and side airbags, front scuff plates and an overhead sun-glass console.

Without doubt, this was one of the best Australian made cars ever.

Price: $46,735

4- Ford Falcon Ute MkII XR6


The ute, (short for utility) is an Australian legend.

There are many utes in the Australian market, and Ford makes a ute that’s as rough and tough as it is sporty and sleek.

It is a car you can take to work as a labourer and take your partner out with on the weekend.

The Falcon Ute MkII is good for burnouts, if being a bit of a hoon is your thing.

Those designs might not last long, becoming a collector’s type of a car in near future.

Price: $27,990

5- Holden SS-V Redline Ute


This beast is an attractive looking car, and builds on the previous Commodore model utes.

The SS Commodore models are the Australian version of the Camaro, being all tough and sporty with a lot of style. In a few years time, there’s a chance that neither Holden or Ford will be releasing these kinds of vehicles.

So, if you want to own a new ute such as the SS-V Redline or Falcon FG Ute MKII, this may be one of your last chances.

Price: $48,490

6- Ford Ecosport Titanium


The Ford Ecosport Titanium is the SUV for people who are conscious of the environment and their fuel consumption.

Eco model cars are slowly gaining traction in the market, with their performance being comparable to traditional models.

This is true about the Ecosport Titanium, despite it being a small SUV.

Price: $25,790

7- Holden WN Caprice


The Holden Caprice is more about luxury than sports, but it still contains the Lion’s heart that all Holdens do.

The outside is similar to previous models, but the insides have been upgraded and improved upon.

The Caprice is a car that will get you there in class and style, not relying on toughness like other Australian cars.

Price: $59,990

Disclaimer:This article was published in 2013. How fast the days have gone!


According to Wikipedia, on 23 May 2013 Ford Australia announced that its local manufacturing operations will cease in October 2016. It’s because of an excessively high manufacturing cost base; with costs in Broadmeadows some four times higher than in Ford’s Asian plants and twice as much as in Europe; and unsustainable low sales of its Australian-made products were factors in the decision to end its 90-year-old manufacturing activities down-under.

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