Top crypto currency YouTubers you can learn a lot from – in 2021

Cryptocurrencies passed the stage of being Ok to ignore, to being vital to master and invest in.

One best way to learn more about crypto currencies – as I see it – is watching YouYube channels that cover that topic. Here I will list the best channels / YouTubers by far.

Red Panda Mining

A mysterious Canadian experienced in tech support and information security. That made him technically qualified to ace mining cryptos.

Red Panda (whose real name we do not know and his face was never seen!) launched his YouTube channel (and social media accounts) by end of 2018. During that time, crypto currencies were not doing that good after a rough ride from glory to down under.

Posting a video nearly everyday, we’ve witnessed Red Panda Mining assembling his first mining rig at a small office / condo. Day after day, we watched him add more rigs and mining locations, from his garage to basement, till he had 3 major mining sites.

During those times, he managed to secure more VGA cards / GPUs, mining hardware, etc.

The Red Panda carries his phone around to and record his daily routine. One time we see him struggling to make a GPU card work, from changing the motherboard, treating heat problems, to sharing his pain after it burned and destroyed some cards. In other videos, he showed viewers how he managed to expand his locations and upgrade his rigs. He also detailed his journey to increase his electricity power circuits.

The beauty of his videos can be summarized in this: he speaks from his heart amd does not read a script. That makes you you feel as if you know him or that it reminds you of someone you have dealt with before.

YouTube Channel | website

The Life of a Miner

Another fine young American miner who started his YouTube channel in summer of 2018. The first thing you will notice is his kool attitude, inner peace with the whole world and life itself.

Frankly, I highly respect his composure and willing to share all what he knows in his videos. Simply put, he is showing viewers how he spends his day researching, mining and sourcing new mining gear. He list the programs he uses and recommends, the steps he followed to achieve each goal he has set, and details the problems he faces and what he did to sort them out. All of this is detailed in very small steps that you can easily follow and implement on your own.

I learned a lot from him so far, but I never managed to be to be cool as ice like him no matter what.

YouTube Channel link

Red Fox Crypto

Mike is a fine young miner whom we do not know much about. He shares a lot of information on his channel, and because he is not yet that famous, he suffers – like us – in getting new VGA cards / GPUs. Those elusive pieces of hardware at the moment, very hard to get, very expensive to buy! He also shares with viewers his endeavors in buying used / second hand VGA cards and how it is always a bad idea to do so!

You will find many of the times carrying his mobile phone and going around his house, shooting what he does usually in his day. He agrees that his mining rigs are increasing global warming but he also puts that extra heat to good use! Warming his house!

YouTube Channel link

Hash Raptor

Another young American miner who started his career with digital currencies about a year ago. He shares his journey and the hurdles he faces to mine and mine. You will find a video or too that fixed a problem you will face when you start mining cryptocurrencies as well.

But you also need to bear some marketing and advertising promos, as he provides some.

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