Wajeez Web Site Audit Services (aka Site Audit)

Website Audit (or Site Audit) is a service where some expert looks under the hood.

This auditing / checkup aim to figure out what can be improved on your website to help you achieve your goals.

At Wajeez, we provide this service to our clients, by ourselves…

We personally, manually inspect your website, go through every detail, and not just rely on some script or web service.

That’s how we differ from other similar services.

For that we only handle small websites, smaller than a 100 webpages.

Site Audit can and will save you lots of headache and recover your lost profits.

A web site audit helps you understand why your website is not converting visitors

The website audit services that we provide:

  • Check for typos, grammar mistakes, vague sentences, words with double / negative meanings that ruin may the core message of the website
  • Identify missing content pages that should be created (or modified) to appeal to targeted visitors (Contact us form not showing proper error messages, not thanking the sender, not going back to the homepage, etc.)
  • Check for upselling opportunities; recommending other related products, what others are buying, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.)
  • Locate irrelevant, low-quality, short content pages, and duplicate content
  • Test Mobile optimization, website responsiveness, scaling, etc.
  • Check User eXperience components like proper navigation, easy to grasp call to action, anchoring
  • Review BASIC SEO optimization criteria like Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), titles, proper H1 and H2 tags, metadata, and image tags
  • Proper compliance components like an XML sitemap, robots.txt, terms of service, privacy policy, and proper contact information
  • Identifying missing, wrong, dead links, and deciding the best anchors to use
  • Check basic functionality like load speed, blocking hot-linking, enable compression, load balancing
  • Look for errors of any kind

Why would you need a web site Audit?

When you keep adding new content, you tend to forget about your old content. In some cases it’s better to remove old content or update it. A web site audit will help identify that.

Monitoring dead links is a hassle in itself. Websites come and go, some get sold, change ownership, or dump old content and start anew. This results in links that lead to nowhere. Search engines penalizes for such links, which you must spot and update / remove.

When you apply that new website design, someone has to go back to your old content and make sure everything is showing up properly.

When you work non-stop on your website, your brain starts to bypass any mistakes, typos, errors, etc.

Mistakes you’d spot right away, was it not that you are working on your website day in, day out.

Same thing happens with magazines and newspapers, giving the need for proofreaders.

Those proofreaders are usually total outsiders. People not involved in the process of creating content.

They call them Fresh Eyes.

At Wajeez, we offer many pairs of fresh eyes.

Give us a try. If we didn’t find any errors with your website, we won’t charge you.

“A script would tell you if a link is working or not. Yet, it won’t tell you if it is the correct link.” – Wajeez Website Audit Team

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