Why do you blog

Why do you blog is a question that has been bugging me recently.

See, here I was sitting in front of my screen. Fingers on my keyboard.

The clock is ticking and I’m getting no where with my “next” blog post.

As hard as I stare, my fingers aren’t moving one bit.

I ended up asking myself: why do I blog?

To find the right answer for it, I set out to search the internet for answers.

In order to avoid any possibly fake answers – those aiming to sell you an ebook or a course – I searched only in the top famous forums, the ones which still have lots of active users.

To my surprise, I found many forum posts asking the same question: Why do you blog

The answers were a lot and so varied.

Some users were so blunt; we do it for money they said!

Others for love and passion, while a decent number blamed it on their love to express their opinions.

I’ve compiled the top answers in the following list.

(The top 20 answers to the question: why do you blog)

The top 20 answers to the question: why do you blog are:

The top 20 answers to the question: why do you blog are:

How bloggers answered the question: Why do you blog

– I blog because it inspires me to learn more and more each day.
– I blog to provide samples of my work for potential clients.
– I blog to share my thoughts and knowledge with readers.
– I blog to share my ideas and thoughts with the world.

– I blog to promote the services our business offers.
– I blog hoping to turn it into a full time job.
– I blog for traffic and eventually get money.
– I blog to connect with like-minded people.
– I blog to write about about what I love.

– I blog to share helpful tips and info.
– I blog to stay in touch with friends.
– I blog hoping to start a side hustle.
– I blog to learn and get experience.
– I blog because it makes me happy.

– I blog because I enjoy doing so.
– I blog because it’s my passion.
– I blog as part of my daily job.
– I blog to connect with people.
– I blog to help me land a job.
– I write mainly for myself.

I blog, therefore I am

‘In my opinion, any blogger should enjoy writing, sharing and connecting. If a blogger blogs primarily for profit, it shows. Posts are void of content; they seem as a superficial commercial,’ said one reply.

Another users said: “I love blogging, it’s like sharing your thoughts and knowledge that can help people in many different ways.”

Many people see blogs as a fantastic way for them to share information with the world.

Businesses also use blogs, as a way to create a community of loyal consumers and buyers for their products and services.

Hobbyist bloggers on the other hand, often blog out of pure hobby. They love to share the tiny details of their days.

Science’s answer to the question: Why do you blog

Author Drew Eric Whitman, in his book Ca$hvertising, identifies eight intrinsic basic desires that all human beings are born with:

  1. Survival / enjoyment of life / life extension
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverage
  3. Freedom from pain, fear, and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. Superiority / winning / keeping up with the Joneses
  7. Care and protection of loved ones
  8. Social approval

We go through life trying to fulfill those desires…

…seeking help from peers to fulfill those desires.

We appreciate those who guide us to how to do that…

…and follow those who share their knowledge, expertise, tips and lessons they learned while fulfilling those desires themselves.

He who helps us in doing that, will earn our trust.

We’ll gladly spend time reading / listening to what he has to say.

In return, we love to share our experience and lessons learned with the whole world.

Humans, most of them at least, love to help others reach their A-ha moment.

We are programed to share our findings, and what is better than a blog to do that.

On the other hand

While some people write to inspire and educate, others do it as a career.

It is a means to an end. It is their job, and it may not always be their passion. They may need to write daily to market their products, ideas, or prospects. They may blog to add onto their resume, or to establish themselves as an expert in their field.

There are also plenty of bloggers living to tell their stories and to spread their knowledge.

Enter social media

The sad part is the number of bloggers is decreasing.

Ex-bloggers dumped their blogs in favor of social media.

The current trend now is to post on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media channel.

More readers to find there, and more peace of mind.

Using Facebook is much easier than setting up a blog, hosting it, keeping it updated, and not to mention the constant need to please the SEO Gods.

I’m afraid the day may come when blogs are obsolete.

I believe by then the question will change from: Why do you blog to: Why do we post on social media, but this deserves another blog post, won’t you say?

Till then, and to all buddy bloggers who most probably are still reading till those lines, let’s try to find an answer to the question:

How do you find content / ideas for your next blog post?

Simply put, you need to SOLVE A PROBLEM FOR THE READERS.

Imagine who your readers are. Befriend them.

Ask yourself: what does the reader need to know to solve a problem he / she is facing?

Support your posts with case studies, of others or even yourself.

Talk about the best thing you’ve done in your life / career, and the lessons learned while doing so.

Do you like online marketing (like me)? Write a blog post tiled: How to create a marketing strategy and follow it.

And so on…

Hope this post here has helped you to find a satisfying answer for the question Why do we blog…

… or you are still looking?

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